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Re: REFLECTOR: Aileron control torque bearing (add on)

  I'm sorry but those who complain about criticism of the design and the
factory are negative and divisive with their "love it or leave it"
attitudes. I bought my kit early on and have had my share of disappointments
as well as compliments about the way things are done in Sebastian.
  Before anyone starts, yes I have contacted the factory when I found things
I thought were questionable. If I talked in person the problems (like the
canard bulkhead alignment) were known and were not considered to be
problems. In that instance a correction was promised but nothing was done.
If I e-mailed I usually heard nothing back.
  Scott and Duane are nice people and as we all know are very knowledgeable
and helpful. I have gotten some good deals on equipment from them. They are
not perfect however and have priorities which differ from mine. I don't have
to keep making new sales and I don't have to worry about the profit margin.
I have come to realize that a problem which comes to light may be addressed
in subsequent units but I cannot depend on the factory to notify me
retroactively about what they've learned. The difference is that I want to
be more proactive. It may not be a flight safety problem but I'd like to
know about any weak points that can be eliminated to make my plane hold up
better over time, or corrections that can be made up front to save wasted
effort later on. That's where the Reflector is so useful.
  Should I give up eight years, 5k hours and much money because I don't
agree with some things? I don't think so. If I had known what I do now I
might have chosen differently, as the defenders of the design suggest. What
I can do now is recognize that nobody including the factory knows everything
about the design, as Simon's accident shows. That was a combination of poor
design and mistaken advice which could have had fatal consequences.
  If someone is frustrated and vents, that's part of the free exchange of
ideas. I've done it myself from time to time. I hope that has been offset by
ideas or experiences which helped someone else. If everyone was politically
correct all the time the Reflector would be of little value.   -Bill

prototype 'Super' Chipmunk N18EF
Velocity Classic RG N6098S in the works