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Re: REFLECTOR: Aileron control torque bearing (add on)

My Velocity 173 RG Elete has been flying since August of 1998. We now have
over eighty hours on it. We have had to work out some bugs, as one would
expect, however, we are very pleased with the product and the support we have
received from the people at Velocity.

In my contemplation of the torque tube bearing AD, I believe one can access
the bearing by removing the canard, to reach from above through the hole where
the elevator tube exits then cutting an access hole in the keel behind and
below the bearing bracket through which to access the back of the bracket and
bearing. The parts supplied by the factory seem to me as they will work quite

As I proceed on this course of action, I will keep you all advised of the

Happy Velocitite

Mark Teter
N98TF  Velocity 173RGE
email...   MTETER@AOL.COMM