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Re: REFLECTOR: Aileron control torque bearing (add on)

JLNOBLE writes:

>My problem is not the fix but having to take out the instrument panel to
>access the bearing holder.  With all the wiring, and connections this will
>probally take 20 hours or more.   This is just another example of the  hazards
>and work  created by the poor design and cheap material supplied by Velocity
>in their kits.

Let's be fair. These are experimental aircraft kits. They are not
FAR Part 23 certified. If they were then we would not be allowed to
work on them. We are the manufacturers of these planes, not the
Velocity 'factory.'

When I first saw the part in question, I decided that I did not like
it and would modify the supplied parts to my satisfaction. You need
to apply your own good judgement to every part you build. Yes, we
depend upon the factory for good advice and guidance, but that
should never be a reason to give up your own discression. When we
fly we are pilot in command, and we are not supposed to give that
authority over to ATC. Now we are aircraft manufacturers and we
cannot give up our responsibility here either. 

If you see a part you don't like, don't install it. 

In my opinion, Velocity did their part by engineering a fix and
sending parts out to everybody who wants them. Their fix does not
completely satisfy me, so it is up to me to make the changes I

This still beats the hell out of the deal I get with my Cessna. In
that case Cessna finds a design defect (no matter how recent) and
with the full weight of the Federal Govt behind it sends me a letter
stating that I must pay to fix their error and I cannot fly until I
pay somebody else to do the work. Airplanes just ain't like cars,
and recalls at the manufacturer's expense are unheard of. Maybe,
just maybe, that's why car manufacturers are building so many and
aircraft makers are building so few ... the customer service angle
is completely different.

Like I said, at least Velocity sent out the parts.