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Re: REFLECTOR: Aileron control torque bearing (add on)

From:           	aegerter@dataway.ch (Simon Aegerter)

> Like Al Gietzen, I have a (mental) list of things that I don't like and a
> list of things that I do like. Unlike Al, I don't think it's all a matter
> of taste or subjective judgement.

> There is a thing called Quality Assurance and it is objective. There are
> standards. (Ever heard of ISO 900?). I see no reason why this should be a
> taboo when it comes to aircraft parts.

All well and good. But my objection is to 'It's a piece C**P!' statements. It 
may be subjective, but it isn't helpful. It certainly isn't objective.

And it's driven the Velocity people off the list before. That we certainly don't 
need. If you (In the general sense.) want to vent spleen, use private e-mail. If 
you want to discuss what you see as problems, go right ahead. If the 
officials can't handle that, that's _their_ problem. This list is for builders, so it 
can't scare the nervous wannabes. Just remember that your bug may be 
someone else's feature and that there's thousands of dicisions from napkin 
to crate and you or I might not agree with all of them. 

Is the Velocity perfect? No. But it was perfect enough for me to buy the kit 
and the more I've learned along the way, it's still perfect enough.

Just look at the new Cessna's. How many AD's are there on it now? And this 
is on a design that hasn't really changed in forty years.

David Parrish