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Re: REFLECTOR: Aileron control torque bearing (add on)

> I am sure many, if not all, Velocity builders could greatly
>benefit from your first hand knowledge (and expertise) on these two areas.


I don't think your sarcasm is warranted. That list could be embarrassing to
people we builders have no intention to embarrass.

Like Al Gietzen, I have a (mental) list of things that I don't like and a
list of things that I do like. Unlike Al, I don't think it's all a matter
of taste or subjective judgement.

There is a thing called Quality Assurance and it is objective. There are
standards. (Ever heard of ISO 900?). I see no reason why this should be a
taboo when it comes to aircraft parts.

Of course we may consider ourselfs lucky. Just ask the guys who got a
SQ2000 kit. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement - and I
think in the long run improvement in the quality assurance department would
be in the best interest of Velocity Inc.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland