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Re: REFLECTOR: "Bad" and "Good"


I agree with your position whole heartedly. 

Opinion or not however, it is with the total disregard of the impact such as
statement, as broad and damning as the one posted, that gets the short hairs
up on my neck. In context, that one statement clearly defines an extremely
negative attitude towards the product and the people who have been involved
with the developement of the Velocity.

The attitude that the Velocity should be "a Cessna in a box" escapes me. And
even if the Velocity were a "Cessna in a box", after 70+ years of producing
aircraft, Cessna still makes design changes AND improvements in their
products. And mandatory AD's are not that uncommon for post  production units.

Bottom line for me, the Reflector should be posted as a "NO WHINE ZONE!" If Mr
JLNoble has a problem with the quality of the product(s) and/or the people, he
should go to the source or divest himself of his source of anguish. I have
personally never seen Danny or Duane brandish a weapon to force anyone to
purchase thier products. Anyone with a difficulty or question in construction,
has an idea to share, or has useful information on a particular item ...to me,
that's what the Reflector is for.

I, for one, will limit any further comments on this subject directly to the
individuals that wish to take issue with my remarks.