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REFLECTOR: Strake filling reinforcement

Dear Builders,
Has anyone had problems with the fuel nozzel striking the bottom of the
strakes and causing a leak.  Repeated filling by $5.50/hrs fellows may
not be delicate.  I was thinking of a triax or two or aluminum sheet
glassed at the edges.  Comments?

Also I just sealed my strakes.  Maybe no one had this problem but I'll
share it in case.  I was using 500 watt lights to warm and view my
strakes for glassing.  It caused thousandso f bubbles to expand under
the curing glass and required resanding.  Next time I heated the strake
then applied the glass as the strake cooled.  The glass seems to have
been sucked down with VERY few bubbles and pin holes.  Sanding pure
glass was a nightmare.  FYI.

Monroe, La.