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REFLECTOR: Aileron control torque bearing (add on)

For those of you who are interested. My design is similar to the one described
by SIMON (http://www.dataway.ch/~aegerter/bearing.htm) (I did not know this
information was already available until today).

To clarify: My design covers the entire bearing housing with a center hole to
clear the rotating porting of the bearing by approx. 125/1000" (approx. the
middle of the rubber cover). This provides uniform pressure over the entire
mounting plate - the brearing housing ring and the washer for a solid

my washer provides:

The back bearing washer has countersunk mounting holes to accept the original
factory supplied type flat head screws. (It would be a good idea to replace
the original screws with new ones as the old ones may be bent by the odd
forces of their torqued positions - I did). 

!! If anyone is using round head screws in this location - let me know when
you order them and I will leave the countersink out!!

The front bearing washer has only round holes to accept the factory revised
specified round head screws.

To date (prior to my discussing on the reflector) I have made and sent out 5
sets and they all fit perfectly with no modifications required.