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Re: REFLECTOR: Meeting Up

Hello Greg,
	I'll be at SNF Sunday thru Wed, returning to Chicago Thur.  Look
forward to meeting you as well, and hope there is a way I can squeeze in
a look at Florida Velocities too.

Jeff Barnes

Mr Greg Poole wrote:
> Folks,
> G'Day. Just starting to feel a few twinges of excitement (forgotten this
> was still possible when you get over 40 (just)!) now that I have booked my
> flights from OZ to visit the factory, S'n'F, and to finally get to put
> faces to all the emails I have been reading on the Reflector over the past
> 15 months or so.
> Would very much like to visit Velocity projects and builders while in the
> area. Dave Black has kindly offerred to drive me from Florida back to his
> base in DC via whatever roundabout route (within reason) that enables us to
> check out a reasonable number of Velocitys. Jim Agnew has also offerred to
> organise a bit of a  Florida builders tour after the S'n'F event. Maybe
> others might like to join us?
> You might be interested to know that the first Velocity is finished and
> ready to test fly down here. It is truly magnificent and all the seats are
> in, has a much better utilisation of space than any of us envisaged.
> Looking forward to catching up with you guys!
> Greg.
> Greg Poole
> (Building a Std RG Elite Down Under)
> Velocity Aircraft Austraia/NZ P/L