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Re: REFLECTOR: Re: reflector: Franklin Carburetor

When I got my Franklin Engine Installation kit from Velocity, it came with some
instructions.  The instructions stated (among other things) that the carburetor
should be installed with the throttle aft and the mixture on the pilot side,
which I did.  With this configuration, it turns out that aft is with respect to
the airplane, not the engine.

Jim Griffin - 173 Elite FG

Donald J. Royer wrote:

> On Saturday, March 27, 1999 10:43 PM<jeffclough@uswest.net> wrote:
> >Hey Donald.... I turned my carb around to match the install diagrams w/o any
> >problems.....but I have not yet hooked up engime controls......Jeff C.
> Which way is that? I guess that my basic problem is that I have no
> install diagrams. I asked the factory for some about a month ago, but I
> hadn't gotten anything and so I assumed that they wasn't any.
> Don

Mary and Jim Griffin
E-mail - griffinm@suwanneevalley.net