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Re: REFLECTOR: Vortex generators and antenna coax

>> What's your opinion about vortex generators. I think Roberto Salinas has
>If we knew precisely where and how to put them I'm sure they could improve the


unfortunately, Roberto has left the reflector some time ago. I'll have to
see if I find his e-mail address somewhere.

I once had a quite extensive e-mail conversation with Jim Price, the guy
who took his normally asoitated Long EZ to 35000 off feet! He did a lit of
research on VGs and I thing we have a pretty good base to start from. Not
that everything is clear or there is no risk!

Some people's aim is to fly slower. That requires VGs on the wing AND the
canard (because the minimum speed is defined by the stall speed of the
canard). THAT looks too dangerous to me. It is too easy to have the main
wing stall before the canard. If you put VGs on the wing only, all you do
is enhance the stability and the effectiveness of the ailerons at slow

Anyway; guess I have more urgent problems to solve for the time being.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland