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> Dont have any technical data to support that
> Martin,

Our "Matchbox-500" meter starts to rise as you get below 2" radius and goes from
a nice reading of 1.5 too 2.5 with only a 1" radius bend.  A sharp "kink" will
send it right off the scale at 5+    From what I understand not only is your
signal not getting out but it is going back to your radio and doing harm.


As far as why it is positioned there I don't know.  If that is were it is on a
Long then we inherited it from Burt I guess.  Scott will see this.  Him and
Darin are good about taking care of all this little important stuff.  It is real
easy to fix in the wire cuts.  It is also easy to fix in the older wings....if
you know to open the hole forward BEFORE you bolt your wings on.  This is what
the reflector is for.