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Re: REFLECTOR: antenna coax

> The wire conduit at the end of the wing leading edge is too far back. ...The 
> solution is simple.  File out the end of the conduit hole forward at least an
> inch.  Then the coax can pass in front of the end of the center spar with minimum
> bend.  Follow suite with the rest of the installation by avoiding any "kinks" in the
> coax all the way to the back of the radio tray.  If you don't want center to recieve
> your transmissions just coil up the excess coax and tie wrap it tight at the ends of
> the multiple loops.
> application of the installation technique outlined in the last sentence
> could maybe burn up you output transistors in the long run.


No argument from me. At the very least it would reduce the strength of the
signal reaching the antenna (or reaching your radio on receive). As a rule of
a thumb, coax length should be kept as short as practical. Our coax should not
be bent tighter than about a 2" radius. It should NEVER be crushed. 

So, why is the wing conduit so far aft? It's quite a project to fish wires
through it once the wing is installed. 

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor