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REFLECTOR: Instrument Panel


Your panel is simple and clean. I like it! Simon is right with his comment
about the VSI. But lets face it, you do have plenty of panel space to use!

A couple of quick things.....Your lower center portion of the panel where you
have your mag and starter (?) switches. Properly installed, you will cut off
all but about 1 - 1 1/2 inches of that part. You will have to move those
switches up.

Second, There is typically 11.5" of usable space (vertically) on the panel.
3.4" spacing for your 3.25" instruments is a minimum. 3 Instruments high
leaves you with only 1.3" left for switches (typically 1") leaving only .3"
for any space between all four items going vertically. Very tight! Also, the
upper two inches of the panel will be limited to instruments and equipment
that is about 4" - 6" in length max, unless you are planning on putting
bubbles in the fuselage and windshield to accomodate longer units. (that
pretty much excludes the A/H at the top!)

And last, you need to allow more room for your C.B.'s. Spacing needs to be .75
horizontally (minimum) and 1.25" vertically (minimum) for the Klixon 7277
series CB's (push - pull type) to be installed safely. If you are using a
smaller circuit protection device such as panel mounted fuse holders, then
obviously this comment does not apply!

I would also concur with Simon in his observation that if your only engine
monitoring unit is the RMI, I would suggest also a stand alone oil pressure
guage. With a common power supply and indicator screen, anything happens to
the RMI and you are out in the dark when it comes to your engine. At least
with a stand alone oil pres gauge, you can somewhat comfortably continue to
your nearest airport knowing that you still have oil press!. The fact that the
engine is running is a good indication that fuel, RPM, and manifold press is
still present. At least if you have some warning that you are loosing oil
press, you can make the necessary inflight decisions without the "O.S.!"
factor of the engine starting to come apart or the deafening silent of engine
lockup without some warning!