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Re: REFLECTOR: Panel Idea

>Here is my idea for a panel.  What do you think.??  Bill Eck


Some of the items are hard to identify (browser problem?) e.g.: what's the
middle instrument in the lowerst row?

Two remarks: I doubt that you can fit three rows of instruments. My panel
isn't that high anyway (see: http://www.dataway.ch/~aegerter/panel.htm)

Second: why have a VSI when you have the µEncoder? the VSI isn't the most
crucial instrument to have redundant. Save the space for a backup engine
instrument (e.g. oil temp).

One more thought: Bob is right: it'll be tight on the right side; not only
does the fuselage come in quickly but the panel cants so as to make things
worse. See my radio/CD: its back touches the fuselage!


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland