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REFLECTOR: RE: Aileron control torque bearing

As you know there was an incidence in the past, where the forward aileron
control torque bearing came loose. The factory has recommended replacement of
original flat head screws with round head screws.

I have created machined, aluminum (0.115") thick cover washers for both front
and rear aileron control torque bearings that cover the entire front of the
bearings. It does sandwich the bearings between my washers and the mounting
brackets over the entire flange surface of the bearing. They fit the original
threaded mounting holes. you would be able to use the original screw type (
flat head on rear) and factory recommended (round head on forward).

For those of you who are interested I can fabricate a set for you. Cost:
$26.00 per set.

Direct any inquiries directly to me.

John Leder
XL RG (to be soon N203SM)