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Re: REFLECTOR: Autopilot

Eung Tai Kim,

> Currently I'm using electrically operated attitude gyro and turn coordinator, > that is, there is no vaccum pump in my Velocity.
> Does the autopilots of S-Tek and Century requires a vaccum system?

S-Tek uses an electric gyro which replaces the turn coordinator. Century's
gyro is vacuum powered, and replaces the gyro horizon. With the Century, if
the vacuum fails, you not only lose your primary gyros, but your autopilot as

> Is it too much trouble or almost impossible to install the autopilot to the Velocity which is already completly built?

Speaking for the S-Tek, I can not see where it would be much harder to install
later. The biggest difficulty would be installing it in the panel. 

> Which is more easy to install and better between S-tek and Century autopilot?
> Price is not my concern.

Unless I am misinformed (or the products have changed since I bought mine),
Century would not be an option in an airplane with no vacuum system. 

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor