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REFLECTOR: Autopilot

I have finally finished building Velocity 173 and will fly it next month.
I want to install the autopilot (S-Tek or Century) to my Velocity.

I probably have to cut the instrument panel for the annuciator and the controller.
That would be a messy work. I don't want to take out the instrument panel.

Where would the servo motors of autopilot be located in the Velocity?
Currently I'm using electrically operated attitude gyro and turn coordinator, that is, there is no vaccum pump in my Velocity.
Does the autopilots of S-Tek and Century requires a vaccum system?

Is it too much trouble or almost impossible to install the autopilot to the Velocity which is already completly built?

Which is more easy to install and better between S-tek and Century autopilot?
Price is not my concern.

Any comments will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.

Eung Tai Kim
South Korea
173 FGE