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RE: REFLECTOR: keeping warm

>        Has anyone thought about the increased load on the engine oil pump
>due to the long lines going to the front of the airplane?


depends on the kind of engine you have. In a Franklin there is a bypass
valve that is set to a fairly low pressure. So low in fact that we don't
get enough cooling because most of the hot oil is being dumped straight
back into the engine. The manufacturer (PZL) has allowed Velocity builders
to raise this pressure which obviously increases the total resistance of
the oil loop. As a compromize, most Franklin owners have 1/2" oil lines
instead of the prescribed 3/8".

In the Lyc I understand there is a thermostat of sorts (the "Vernatherm
valve") that restricts flow to the cooler when the oil gets too cold - in
other words when you need the heating most.

The short message: there always is some kind of bypass that keeps the
lubrication going.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland