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Re: REFLECTOR: keeping warm

 Voss, Jim S. wrote:
 > Hi.  I'm Jim Voss, a new member of the Velocity reflector group.  I built a
 > Long Ez and am a partner with Merri Sanchez building a Velocity in Houston.
 > We are working on the fuselage now and have read with interest all the
 > discussions on oil coolers and heating.  I have an electric heater (500
 > "Back Seat Heat" model) in my Long Ez just in front of my feet.  It doesn't
 > do a great job but it provides just enough heat to keep my feet from
 > cold.  I still have to use a blanket over my legs if it is below freezing.
 > Upper body isn't a problem unless it is really cold.  I think the best
 > answer is still sealing the front end, but no one seems to have the
 > solution there.
 >         Has anyone thought about the increased load on the engine oil pump
 > due to the long lines going to the front of the airplane?  That is my only
 > concern with the front installation.  I would hate to lessen the
 > to the engine just to help keep my feet warm.
 >         The car seat warmers sound like a great idea.  Here in the heat of
 > Houston I have considered a similar thing, but for cooling.  At NASA when
 > work in a space suit in a lab where we don't have normal suit cooling we
 > long underwear with tubes sewn into it which are  hooked to a small igloo
 > ice chest with icy water in it.  A battery powered  pump circulates the
 > water.  I think the same thing using a seat pad with tubes in it would work
 > well.
 >         I look forward to sharing ideas with everyone.
 > Jim
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 > > Simon & Al,
 > >
 > > > >Also, the amount of heat you can expect from an electric heater in our
 > > > >limited electric system isn't going to help much.  Probably about 500
 > > > >watts is the max (that would be over 30 amps) that you safely support,
 > > > >which is a small fraction of what you 'should' be able to get from an
 > > > >effective oil cooler installation.
 > > >
 > > > The only sensible way to use electricity for heat in our airplanes IMHO
 > > is
 > > > to wear electrically heated underware.
 > >
 > > I totally agree. The only use I can imagine for a small electric heater
 > > to
 > > preheat the cockpit while you're doing the preflight. Not worth the added
 > > weight and wear and tear on the electrical system, IMHO.
 > >
 > >
 > > Best,
 > > Dave Black
 > >
 >>>Hi Jim,
 >>>I'm a surgeon and we wear cool suits with 3 mm silastic tubes sewn into
 >>>the vest and leggins for cooling.  Works very well.  I likewise have
 >>>plans for electric seat warmers and cool pad in seat running ice water
 >>>from 1/2 gal cooler with hand squeeze pump such as on an outboard motor.
>>>Rene' Dugas
>>>Monroe, La.

Is it irritating to anyone else having to read through all the attached
replies to find the new reply at the very bottom?  I it was mentioned a year
or more ago to limit the copying when replying.  A small cut&paste should do
if refreshing the topic is necessary.

Sorry for the somewhat negative post, on a positive topic.