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RE: REFLECTOR: keeping warm

Hi.  I'm Jim Voss, a new member of the Velocity reflector group.  I built a
Long Ez and am a partner with Merri Sanchez building a Velocity in Houston.
We are working on the fuselage now and have read with interest all the
discussions on oil coolers and heating.  I have an electric heater (500 watt
"Back Seat Heat" model) in my Long Ez just in front of my feet.  It doesn't
do a great job but it provides just enough heat to keep my feet from getting
cold.  I still have to use a blanket over my legs if it is below freezing.
Upper body isn't a problem unless it is really cold.  I think the best
answer is still sealing the front end, but no one seems to have the complete
solution there.
	Has anyone thought about the increased load on the engine oil pump
due to the long lines going to the front of the airplane?  That is my only
concern with the front installation.  I would hate to lessen the lubrication
to the engine just to help keep my feet warm.
	The car seat warmers sound like a great idea.  Here in the heat of
Houston I have considered a similar thing, but for cooling.  At NASA when we
work in a space suit in a lab where we don't have normal suit cooling we use
long underwear with tubes sewn into it which are  hooked to a small igloo
ice chest with icy water in it.  A battery powered  pump circulates the cold
water.  I think the same thing using a seat pad with tubes in it would work
	I look forward to sharing ideas with everyone.

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> Simon & Al,
> > >Also, the amount of heat you can expect from an electric heater in our
> > >limited electric system isn't going to help much.  Probably about 500
> > >watts is the max (that would be over 30 amps) that you safely support,
> > >which is a small fraction of what you 'should' be able to get from an
> > >effective oil cooler installation.
> > 
> > The only sensible way to use electricity for heat in our airplanes IMHO
> is
> > to wear electrically heated underware.
> I totally agree. The only use I can imagine for a small electric heater is
> to
> preheat the cockpit while you're doing the preflight. Not worth the added
> weight and wear and tear on the electrical system, IMHO. 
> Best,
> Dave Black