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Re: REFLECTOR: keeping warm

>> The only sensible way to use electricity for heat in our airplanes IMHO is
>> to wear electrically heated underware.

>I totally agree. The only use I can imagine for a small electric heater is to
>preheat the cockpit while you're doing the preflight. 

I intend to put in the seat-heaters that SAABs use. I love the
heated seats in my SAAB, and see no reason I shouldn't be
just a comfortable in my custom plane. Besides, the reason
those seat heaters are in the SAAB are because they tried
them in their fighter jets first, and found that there were fewer
accidents on cold mornings. A warm pilot is an attentive pilot.

The SAAB seat-heaters are along the lower and middle back 
and on the seat bottom. I do not know the current draw. They 
cost about $140 per seat, including 3 temperature switch.