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Re: REFLECTOR: keeping warm

>Amen To your auto conversion. I live in Chicago and the winters here are not
>the best . I am going your route with an auto conversion for one so I can
>start my plane without an engine heater and to have plenty of heat when I
>want it to.


Good to hear about your auto conversion.  I'm living in Provo, UT, with
some pretty cold winters, too.  Give me a call if you'd like to chat.
(801) 225-0702  I'm learning a lot and would love to share ideas.  Here's a
reply I just posted to Kurt Winkler.

Kurt Winkler wrote:

As for my bird, Just finished with the "traditional water" heater system in
mine. Of course this wouldn't help you, since I'm running a V-6. But the
blower will provide as much heat as I can stand in the winter, and additional
boost cooling during summer.


Great to hear about other adventurous auto converters.  I've also got a
Chevy V-6.  Have we traded information on this before?  I've talked to one
or two other builders with the same engine.  I've learned a lot of my
engineering from Tim England, Canadaian builder who is already flying

Although I have two custom built racing radiators in my wing roots, I don't
want to depend on them for cabin heat.  Also, I'm doubtful they will be
adequate for a long taxi on a hot summer day.  Hence, I'm installing a
heater core in the nose.  I found an almost new, 1997 Dodge Stratus heater
box.  It includes a screamer tornado fan, and a massive air conditioning
core tested for 300 + PSI.  I'll cycle my coolant through this core.  It
even allows for AN hardware hookup.

The whole thing weighs only 8 pounds, and the miracle is that it fits like
it was made for the space with plenty of room for battery and electronics.
The cool air inlet faces the floor.  Space won't allow me to put my NACA
scoop on the side, so I'll just have to cut a 4" diameter hole in the floor
and suck the air in with the tornado fan.

Later today, I'm starting to make up a plenum box that will dump hot air
out the bottom, or vent it up to the cabin.  The Dodge heater system was
huge, and 2/3 of it won't be used.  Except, it has all kinds of venting
systems and small electric motors.  I've figured out how to install all of
them in my own engineered plenum to vent for 1) hot cabin air  2) cold
cabin air  3) dump hot air out in summer.  I'll have a really comfortable
cabin with more heat than you can use.  Believe me, that tornado fan has
enough thrust to serve as an auxiliary jet engine.

Also, I've bought a new Thermodynamic Reactor Power Cell battery.  It's the
same battery found in the Stealth F-117 fighter.  Made for extreme shock,
delivers peak amps of 1500 for starting, and can be deep cycled hundreds of
times.  It's a perfect fit (5 3/16" wide X 7" high) with my new heater
system, so I bought it.  It will run your engine for two hours if you lose
your alternator.  They sell them in Summit catalog.

Keep on building,

Dennis Martin