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Re: REFLECTOR: XL engine choice: 260HP vs 300HP


   There are so many factors that go into engine choice, I asked similar
questions here before and got a wealth of information.  
  Here's an important consideration where I fly out of in New Mexico.  What I
will term, useable horsepower at take off altitude.  This can be of little
concern if most of your flying is done at sea level, or where it doesn't get
too hot.  Here, it is common to have a density altitude most of the summer
around 8000-9000 feet or higher.  At a standard horsepower loss of 3% per
thousand feet of density altitude...... you will have some interesting
numbers. ( not taking into account Airfoil and prop losses)
The 260 HP engine would leave you only 199 HP for takeoff on a 9000' day here,
and the 300 HP engine would leave you 219 hp for takeoff. Depending on many
factors,  One may be sufficient, while the other may not.  You will have to
make that decision.   I have seen quite a few "lowlanders" loaded, without
enough pavement to get airborn.  The result isn't pretty, and can sometimes
can be fatal.  
  Bottom line,  Take in all the advice you'll get here,,, Weigh that
carefully, and make your best, informed decision.  That will allow you to do
what you want 99% of the time.  
   I picked the V-6, so that I would have sufficient horsepower any time I
wanted it, without getting onto the turbo mess.  Everyone has their
preferences.  Good luck on your engine hunt.... 
Kurt Winker
173 FGE
4.3L Chev V-6