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I flew my original FG Velocity several times form Buffalo NY to Florida in
January. Had one oil cooler in nose for the 200hp Lycoming with a cockpit
adjustable flapper door at cooler outlet. Door was totally closed to force
all heat into cabin for Buffalo and of course fully open by time arriving
in Florida. Also directed heat into keel which supplied warmth to feet of
rear seat passengers. This worked well in flight.
However big problem was little or no heat for taxi and takeoff plus
windshield fogged up badly. 
For my new X/L with the IO-540 260 hp have only one oil cooler in nose,
Stewart Warner 10614R which has 15 cooling sections. Flying in over 95
degrees FL temps have barely seen over 200 degrees oil temps. Installed 60
amp alternator and planned to install the A/S Heater # 08-04440 for up
north winter ops. You definitely need a heat supply PLUS a fan  on the
windshield to prevent fogging plus some cabin heat for taxi and take-off.
My plan is to run engine and heater as required to get enough heat for
take-off then oil cooler heat would take over. Duane has this same heater
in the factory X/L and says it is their only source of heat and only needed
at higher altitudes. Don't believe their plane has flown in winter
weather.( I have been told the noted A/S heater is a modified commercial
hair dryer so maybe someone knows a less expensive way to do the job) My
X/L has not yet flown in winter weather so my plan is untested.
Comments welcome. 
Don White N19DW