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Re: REFLECTOR: keeping warm

Hi Manny,

	I'm just curious, having a long way to go b/4 getting built.

1) Did you do all the duct taping, etc that Duane suggested in VViews ?

2) Is your oil cooler getting hot at all ?

3) Do you have a second cooler ?

4) If so, where is it mounted and is it in series or parallel to front

5) Any plumbing to cut out second cooler ?

6) What engine and how's your oil temps, CHTs, EGTs ?

Jeff Barnes

> Emanuel Lewis wrote:
> I've given up trying to get engough heat out of the oil cooler to keep
> warm during winters in the northeast.  Does anyone have any experience
> with electric heaters such as those sold by Aircraft Spruce?
> Manny Lewis
> ruman@worldnet.att.net