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Re: REFLECTOR: Builder in North Dakota

Hi Bernard,

	Try posting on canard-aviators list (join via www.canard.com).  I know
there's some VEZ/LEZ flyers/builders up your way, some guys around Cut
Bank & Havre Montana, maybe some by Spokane/Couer d'Alene.

Jeff Barnes
XL-RG N411JB (Chicago)

Bernard Despins wrote:
> I'm actually nowhere near North Dakota.  Building an XL in Alberta, Canada.
> Ran out of epoxy, and it is very difficult to get epoxy through customs.
> Can't find a Canadian supplier for EZ Poxy.
> I have a relative in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and he could have driven to North
> Dakota and crossed the border with the epoxy - easy to do in person,
> impossible by courier.
> I have now figured out another way using a hazardous goods broker to act as my
> proxy.  Doesn't sound cheap.  He will put the package on a plane to cross the
> border - that's ok....
> Wish the kit came with more epoxy....
> Bernard