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Re: REFLECTOR: Windows

A related question. Is there any problem in leaving the duct tape on till
the end of the project (years maybe!). Any corrosion or adverse reactions
possible with the adhesive on duct tapes? Otherwise I can go through this
process now and use something like racer's tape that has milder adhesives.

At 09:48 AM 3/7/99 EST, Jerryteits@aol.com wrote:
>I hope I didn't make a mistake but the residue was hard to get off and the
>only thing that worked was mineral spirits.  This seemed to work.  It was
>especially hard in my case because I covered all my windows inside and
>with duct tape after they were instlled in order to protect them from
>scratchesl.  NOT a good idea...
>Jerry Teitsma, 173 FG Elite