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RE: REFLECTOR: Engine Controls

Dear Carl:
   We don't use vernier controls on the throttle for a very good reason. 
 Instant response to the needs of throttle are limited in many ways using 
the vernier.  There is just no good reason to use a vernier for the 
throttle.  The use of a vernier would also not be possible if you elected 
to put another throttle control on the co-pilots side which many of our 
builders do.  After over 8000 hours in general aviation airplanes, I can 
speak from experience, it just isn't a good idea.
   I can agree with you, however, regarding the mixture control.  I 
replaced the button lock mixture in the XL with the more precise vernier. 
 I will look again at the cost difference and see what can be done.
   Nav-Aid hasn't a clue as to how their autopilot is installed in a 
Velocity.  It isn't difficult at all.  Just call me when your ready and I 
walk you through it.
   Sincerely, Duane Swing
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I'm ordering an ACS A-750 Vernier Prop control shortly. I'm surpised
engine install package includes friction locks throttle and mixture
controls. The vernier only cost $5 more. Comments please.

Carl Hoffman RGE N1QR

P.S. Navaid can supply the parts and instruction for mounting
there "autopilot" on a Velocity.