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REFLECTOR: wing leveler &solid state ignition

I highly recommend both Navaid Devices AP-1 Autopilot  and Electroair
Ignition system sold by Jeff Rose.( These two companies usually share the
same booth at Fly-Ins and are both based in Chattanooga,TN)
I have been flying with the same Navaid AP-1 since 1991 and returned only
once to factory for repair (which cost $35). The Navaid has a wing level
mode plus will track a GPS, VOR or Loran signal. Last price I have is
$1300, which is about 1/2 an S-TEC. Their number is (423)267-3311 or
I have installed Jeff Rose's system on my original Velocity and now on my
X/L and they have performed flawlessly. His unit is installed in place of
the left magneto so the right mag is my backup system. I believe his system
for a 6-cyl Lycoming is less than $1000. (Burt Rutan has 4 of Jeff's
systems powering the 2 engines on his Boomerang,)His number is
Both companies sell direct, and you can mention my name if you call. They
are both very friendly,and great people to work with. 
Don White       PS   I use the Navaid in Wing Level or Track Mode about 90%
of the time I am flying. Turns made with the "Turn" knob are much easier
than using the stick.