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Re: REFLECTOR: Windows

NMFlyer1@aol.com wrote:

> I'm working on the windows as illustrated in the last V V.  Any suggestions on
> how to get the residue from the duct tape off of the windows once the windows
> are in?  I removed the tape from the inside to silicone the windows in, and
> there is a small ammount of adhesive residue all over the window. I'm sure
> there are many ways to do it & leave scratches or swirl marks, is there a way
> to do it without ??
> Thanks,
> Kurt Winker
> 173 FGE
> Chev. 4.3L Alum V-6

 Hi Kurt -

We don't allow anything on our windows but charcoal lighter fluid (naptha) or
denatured alcohol. The lighter fluid is decent at getting the tape goo off, and
the alcohol is almost as good and is totally safe with the plexi.

Malcolm at Hangar 18.