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Re: REFLECTOR: Windows

I've found some excellent citrus oil adheasive remover called GOO-GONE. It's
available at most hardware stores. The only caution is to keep it off any
fiberglass as it will hamper future bonding.

Chris Martin
Velocity XL RG
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Date: Saturday, March 06, 1999 14:40
Subject: REFLECTOR: Windows

>I'm working on the windows as illustrated in the last V V.  Any suggestions
>how to get the residue from the duct tape off of the windows once the
>are in?  I removed the tape from the inside to silicone the windows in, and
>there is a small ammount of adhesive residue all over the window. I'm sure
>there are many ways to do it & leave scratches or swirl marks, is there a
>to do it without ??
>Kurt Winker
>173 FGE
>Chev. 4.3L Alum V-6