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Re: REFLECTOR: Windows

Just in case we need one more response to the question of adhesive removal;
I'll add this:

I'm putting 1/4" acylic (plexiglass) windows in the bottom strake in case I
eventually have sightseeing rear seat passengers.  I had some acyrlic that
I've had in storage for many years, like more than 10; and the paper
covering and its adhesive were seriously dried on.  The folks at the local
plexiglass store said 'no problem; soak it naptha for 10 or twelve hours'.
Well naptha is lighter fluid; or, in a more expensive version, it is main
ingredient in 3M's adhesive remover; which I had on my shelf.  I had used it
previously on the other windows for the same reason that this discussion is
going on at all.

So I soaked one side of my window in 3M adhesive remover for 6 hours, and
the paper came off, but much of the adhesive was still on.  12 more hours
and some of the adhesive was still on.  Now I've used "Goof-off" to remove
labels and things before and it worked great.  So, about 20 minutes of
Goof-off and the adhesive was off.  Soaked the other side for 2 hours and
the paper and adhessive came off with minimum effort.  I see no adverse
effects on the plexiglass.  At least not yet.  Acrylic is pretty inert stuff
and with no further exposure I'd not expect any problem later.  Goof-off is
inexpensive and you can get it at your local Home Depot, or equivalent.  So
I'd reccomend it; unless somebody knows something that I don't.

As an aside; when I first noted that I couldn't get the paper off my old
plexiglass I bought new.  I found that it was slightly thinner, had some
minor distortion, and when I routed for flush fit it tended to melt easily
and form into little balls stuck to the surface behind the router.  The old
material has no distortion, and routers just great.  Further proof that
'they just don't make things like they yusta'.

Al Gietzen  RGE

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>I'm working on the windows as illustrated in the last V V.  Any suggestions
>how to get the residue from the duct tape off of the windows once the
>are in?  I removed the tape from the inside to silicone the windows in, and
>there is a small ammount of adhesive residue all over the window. I'm sure
>there are many ways to do it & leave scratches or swirl marks, is there a
>to do it without ??
>Kurt Winker
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