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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuselage Cuttout

Definitely on an RG, leave it in.  Bring your cutout straight down from the upper spar flange.  The rear fuel bulkhead goes behind the gear leg well, and you'll probably find that puts it right back to the spar flanges.
Al Gietzen

>I must have missed this somewhere:
>Can I cut out the portion of the fuselage that is defined by the
>triangle formed by the (1) inside of the center section spar, (2) bottom
>of the angled bulkhead from the spar to gear bulkhead, and (3) the
>horizontal bulkhead? Does this need to be in there?
>The illustrations in the plans seem to show that this triangle is left
>in there, but I think I remember someone saying you might as well cut it
>Since I have the fastbuild fuselage (standard) it would make it alot
>easier to work in that area.
>Please advise...
>Jack Reeder