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RE: REFLECTOR: Fuselage Cuttout

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> Behalf Of Jack & Marilou
> Subject: REFLECTOR: Fuselage Cuttout
> Can I cut out the portion of the fuselage that is defined by the
> triangle formed by the (1) inside of the center section spar, (2) bottom
> of the angled bulkhead from the spar to gear bulkhead, and (3) the
> horizontal bulkhead? Does this need to be in there?

Depends on whether you've got fixed or retractable gear. With fixed, the aft
fuel bulkhead intersects the fuselage forward of where the angled bulkhead
joins the gear and horizontal bulkheads, so the triangle can come out. If
you have an RG, however, the aft fuel bulkhead is further back (closer to
the spar), and some of that triangle area forms the tank boundary.

 - Chuck