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RE: REFLECTOR: Fuselage Cuttout

Jack, I just finsihed the strake in that area.  It is true that the triangle
needs to be there to hold fuel.  But if you cut out the triangle you can
make a very strong layup from the angled bulkhead to the fuselage (which is
good).  Then it is not difficult to put a patch over the part of the
triangle needed for fuel containment.

Bill Schweitzer
std RGE
SAn Jose, Ca
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> Sent:	Friday, March 05, 1999 6:45 AM
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> Subject:	REFLECTOR: Fuselage Cuttout
> Anyone
> I must have missed this somewhere:
> Can I cut out the portion of the fuselage that is defined by the
> triangle formed by the (1) inside of the center section spar, (2) bottom
> of the angled bulkhead from the spar to gear bulkhead, and (3) the
> horizontal bulkhead? Does this need to be in there?
> The illustrations in the plans seem to show that this triangle is left
> in there, but I think I remember someone saying you might as well cut it
> out.
> Since I have the fastbuild fuselage (standard) it would make it alot
> easier to work in that area.
> Please advise...
> Thanks,
> Jack Reeder