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Re: REFLECTOR: Clearance


I don't know that there is a set clearance tolerance.  I don't think
it's specified in the manual.  It would be a good ??? to ask the

One note:  make sure you're considering clearance for all parts of the
cylinder and hardware as the gear goes thru its travel.  If I remember
correctly, the large washer on the end of the cylinder which is held
on by the rod end is the highest point and, therefore, most likely to
interfere w/ the bell crank.

Mike Deeter, Std Wing RGE

---Bernard Despins <bdespins@telusplanet.net> wrote:
> I've heard/read that the fit of the aileron control horn at the rear
> the torque tube in the keel passes very close to the clevis on the end
> of the main gear cylinder as the cylinder cycles, but how much
> would be considered a minimum?  We currently have about half an inch.
> Bernard

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