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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel tank venting

>In another related question, if you drill small holes in the bottom of the
>vent line, if you are climbing, won't fuel fill the holes and thus put fuel
>in the vent lines and stop the venting?

Fuel in the end of the vent line won't clog it. Unless the vent line goes
halfway down into the tank, this tiny pressure differential is readily
overcome. Re the "little holes" in the vent line: The vent line ends at the
first hole. What comes after that is pure ballast.

>When I built my top strake, I glassed a "tab" across the fuel cap
>approximately 1 1/2" below the fuel cap.

That is a GOOD idea. I wish you had told me three yeard ago <g>!


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland