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Re: REFLECTOR: Fuel tank venting

However, if one builds the vent line with a little down flair and the tanks
are topped off to full to where it is above the vent line opening, won't
that stop the vent line from working?  If there is any air that can come in
the vent line, fuel should be flowing, unless the fuel cap is not seated

What I got from the initial e-mail was the tanks were top off to full.  Once
they landed and opened up the cap, that allowed the tanks to "equalize" and
thus no more problems.

In another related question, if you drill small holes in the bottom of the
vent line, if you are climbing, won't fuel fill the holes and thus put fuel
in the vent lines and stop the venting?   The small holes should help on a
descend since air can come in the small hole.  I also understand that any
small hole should let the tanks vent, however, the bigger the hole the more
it vents.

When I built my top strake, I glassed a "tab" across the fuel cap
approximately 1 1/2" below the fuel cap.  IF I put that much fuel in, I will
then know how much fuel I have in the tanks.  This line is below my fuel
vent line to avoid "over filling" the tanks.  This also gives me the
ability, when I do not fill my tanks, to say "fill to tabs".

Bob Kuc
173 FGE