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> I am just about to start punching hydrolic holes through the canard
> bulkhead for my retract-elite.  I need some photographs of the following:
>     1.  The bulkhead shot from the nose to get an idea of where to drill
> holes more precisely.
>     2.  A shot directly over the bulkhead similar to the one in the plans,
> but more directly overhead.
>     3.  A shot which shows how you have routed your hoses and tubing into
> or aside of the keel and its forward-top inspection cover.
I don't have any photos, but I can answer question #1 as to the what I
did. The rest
should be easy. 

         1. The dump valve is on the pilot's side. The sequence valve
            the damper. I have no speed brake. I have no pressure guage.
         2. There is only a very small area where the three bulkhead
fitting can go.
            A. Below the 1/4" plate.
            B. Between the nose door linkage and springs and not to
close to the                       nose strut opening.
            C. I have the fitting for the sequence on the pilot's side,
down low with
               with just enough room to get to with a wrench. It goes to
the TEE on 
               the top of the nose door cylinder, then to the out board
side of the                pump.
            D. The inboard pump fitting goes on to the lower bulkhead
fitting on the
               co-pilot's side.
            E. The lower nose door cylinder fitting goes to upper
bulkhead fitting on
               the on the co-pilot's side. It is as high as possible to
clear the
               spring and 1/4" plate.

Carl Hoffman SRGE N1QR