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REFLECTOR: Fuel tank venting

Hello all,
Recently had the opportunity to fly the company 173FG to the EAA#1 Open
House/Fly-In at Flabob Airport (Riverside, CA) ... before departing
Lincoln, CA, filled the tanks to-the-brim ...and while flying enroute,
discovered that fuel was feeding from one tank only.  I continued to
observe the fuel feed and decided to land when the one tank was down to 5
gallons (other tank was full).  Removing the affected fuel tank cap
immediately resolved the problem and the fuel soon equalized between the
two tanks (fuel system has an open cross feed; no fuel selection valves). 
Talking with Mark, this is the first time this problem showed itself.  The
fuel system worked normally during the remainder of the flight and during
the return trip.  We believe that fuel must have entered the vent line
during the (initial) fueling of the aircraft and that the common
vent/pressurization was not strong enough to overcome the initial blockage
to this one tank.  Just wanted to share.

Best regards,
Scott Baker
Velocity West