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I am just about to start punching hydrolic holes through the canard
bulkhead for my retract-elite.  I need some photographs of the following:
    1.  The bulkhead shot from the nose to get an idea of where to drill
holes more precisely.
    2.  A shot directly over the bulkhead similar to the one in the plans,
but more directly overhead.
    3.  A shot which shows how you have routed your hoses and tubing into
or aside of the keel and its forward-top inspection cover.

If any of you have photographs of these areas and can post them, e-mail
them to me at charfreeland@unidial.com.  My e-mail address above is for
text only.  Also, if we have such pictures already on file, let me know
where to look.
Charlie Freeland

Charles Freeland "On a wing and a prayer"
10:57 am 03/01/99