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REFLECTOR: Electrical

The only items that I used from Radio Shack while wiring my 173 FG are :
            - a 50 amp fuse and holder (sturdy & good quality)
            - indicator light for alternator (same as GW-326, p. 241 Wicks)
            - mimiature toggle switches for miniature cockpit lights (p. 241
    -everything else was aircraft certified material and the investment for
the proper crimping tool was worth every penny. 
            That I learned from an electrical seminar at Sun `n Fun two
years ago.  That`s also a must for homebuilders. 
         Gilles Gratton
I have a question.    How does one get a FG 173 out of a garage with a
9 X 7 feet door.  No, I am not ready to take a wall down or shorten the
strakes.   I have a few ideas but would like imput from someone who already
has done it.