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I am in the process of finalizing the main gear installation on my
standard RG elite and was hoping that one of you had a Nico Press tool
that wasn't too busy. I'm looking for the larger long handled one that
looks like a large bolt cutter.

If you would be so kind as to allow me to borrow it or rent it I would
be eternally at your service!

I will supply my FedEx number for shipping.


On another note:

I have completed installing the RG hydraulic system and was about to
test it for leaks and general operation. Has anyone had bad experiences
with this process?

What steps might I take to make this as eventless as possible? (ie.
hydraulic oil leaking everywhere, fisheye in paint from leaks)

Did you use a 0-2000 psi guage to adjust you system?

Jack Reeder
Std RG Elite