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REFLECTOR: electrical

Martin Hadley:
(or anyone else with this knowledge)

I am ready to install some of the wiring including the RG electrical
system, some indicator lamps, gear horn, 30 amp breaker (for the
hydraulic pump), Hobbs meter etc.

My questions are:

Is it best to use stranded wire or monofiliment wire?

Are there applications for each? Rules of Thumb for each?

Do I want copper core or something else?

Is Radio Slack : ) wiring as good as any?

Do I want a certain type of insulator sleeving on the wire?

Are connectors from Radio Slack OK or is there an "aircraft grade" type
of connector?

Should I solder the connectors as well as crimp or is this generally not

Thanks so much,

Jack Reeder
Std RG Elite