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REFLECTOR: x-plane.com


I don't know about the accuracy of the present XL example that comes
with x-plane.   But that doesn't matter because you can go into the
"aircraft maker" part of this complete software package to check all the
lofting  and design parameters.  If they are not correct you can change
them in seconds.

As far as the value of this program goes... it is worth ten times the
asking price.     www.x-plane.com

Technically the program is based on high resolution blade element
theory.  Be sure and ask Austin to add  Dr. Kroo's Flow Analysis to the
computational variables... when possible.  This will take the accuracy
to the highest level.

You best have a new 3-D video card.  Review the ones recommended on
Austin's web page.  Try not to phone him with questions that are
answered on is web page...you will get a tart answer.  On the other hand
he is very responsive to brief e-mail.