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Re: REFLECTOR: Safety Valve

For a while I played with the idea of a small window  in the firewall using
the glass from a gas grill but I cant figure how to cut it . Besides I have
enough stuff to watch out the front.The stuff is fairly heavy so a piece on
both sides of the firewall would be fairly heavy.

I have found that MSC sells some stainless steel foil   only a few
thousandths thick for use in heat treating tool steel. Im planning to use it
glued to fireproof duct board on my firewall. My exhaust headers face
forward. Now Im looking for some high temperature glue like they use in
metal clad doors that have to meet fire codes.

Someone was complaining about the weight and complexity of a fire detection
Thermal fuses even available at Radio  Schlok and some very simple
electronics like the article in May '97 Kitplanes  p 82 would add about 6
ounces total.

Wayne Owens