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REFLECTOR: Fuel Valve Reply plus

Re: shut off valve for service. - during the 5 1/2 years service on my
first Velocity the fuel filter was cleaned or changed twice a year and one
line had to be changed. Each time I tried pinching line and/or plugging it
and always ended up with fuel and fumes under sump tank in cabin. Not a
nice situation. Draining all the tanks of fuel was a tedious solution. If
there is any way to "plug" the line without getting fuel all over, would
certainly like to hear the solution. Therefore we believe the $22.40 cost
for the valve can save a lot of fuel in cabin area problems over the life
of the airplane. Also we believe the odds of a double safetied, ball,teflon
seal valve failing to closed position is negligable. As mentioned an
EMERGENCY SHUTOFF cable for pilot could easily be added. 
Additional Fire Protection we added - the nomex/stainless firewall found in
Velocity Kit Options catalog page 10. This covers firewall plus wing roots
to provide some protection in the event of engine compartment fire. 
The mirror mentioned is a 2in dia convex stick on mirror found in most auto
stores for about $2. The mirror is floxed to inboard side of first vortilon
on left wing at an angle that pilot looking at vortilon can see left gear
and left exhaust pipe reflected. 
We also mounted another mirror on a vertical bracket under left canard tip,
just past end of elevator so pilot can see nose gear. So far gear system
has worked perfectly so mirrors not needed.
Don White  N19DW  XL/RG