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REFLECTOR: Safety Valve

I do not recall hearing of any inflight engine fires in any canard
aircraft. Anyone have contrary information????????

You're right if we only count Lycomings and Franklins. Jimmy Haynes, San
Diego, had a Holly 4-barrel carb flare up during a test flight with his
Chevy v-6 powered Velocity FG about a year ago.  He ditched safely in a
muddy field, but did serious damage to the main gear and belly.  Jimmy
demonstrated excellent piloting skills to ditch as safely as he did.  In my
opinion, however, his choice of carburation and plumbing hardware were

My best fire insurance policy is a titanium lined firewall.  I found a
local recycler who had some thin titanium sheet metal stripped from a DC 8
- it cost all of $8.00.  (If any more shows up, I'll let you know).
Following Jim Agnew's lead, I also installed highest quality, S.S. braided
lines, and that includes the vent lines.

I like the mirror idea, and want to use it.  Is there any more detail on
where to buy such a mirror, and how you mounted it?

Dennis Martin
FG Elite 173