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REFLECTOR: fuel shut off - What are the scenarios

1. fire in engine compartment
    a. close valve - stops engines
    b.  stop engine without vlave - does fuel keep          going to
fuel pump with out a valve,                      pressure from inside
    c.  is it fuel or something else - can I keep 
         flying?  or do I panick to get it down
    d.  how do I know I have a fire

2.  possible crash landing
    a.  Shut fuel valve in procedure engine dies
    b.  stop engine with mixture control
    c.  land -  fuel tank or lines rupture fuel gets  
         to engine -  possible fire  or fuel spill into 
         inside  from fuel line or structual  break -
         possible spark  (from whatever murphy's             law) inside
fuselage fire
    d.  how soon can I get out
3.  park plane after flight - next flight
     a. oops  forget to turn on fuel valve - for
         whatever reason
4..  Planes  that have fuel control inside cockpit
      have fuel inside the plane up front -  some
      even have fuel tank between the engine             and cockpit -
not good

5.   the best reason I heard for a fuel valve is 
      Jean's valve for maintance

6.  Most likely if your plane is on fire shutting off      a fuel valve
is not going to stop the fire.
      it may slow it down

7.  the best thing we have going for us is that its
     all back behind us in the plane

Keep pounding, it will get done

marion sparrow